How to Clean and Maintain your Diamond Jewelry

If you have a lot of collection of diamond jewelry, you should be interested in knowing how to keep your jewelry safe and clean so as to enjoy the lifelong sparkling shine of your diamond. Dust, creams, powders, sprays, lotions and other greasy make over materials form a film over your diamond jewelry making their shine fade away and look dull. Cleaning your diamond is very simple and can be done sitting at home only.

Here are few effective tips to maintain your diamond jewelry:

Soak your diamond into a mild soap solution for half an hour avoiding contacts with each other as a diamond can scratch another diamond. Brush off the dirt particles that stuck in corners and wires with a soft brush. Rinse it with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. Your precious diamond will appear as shining as they were before.

1. Never let your diamonds get contact with chlorine, bleach or other chemicals because these can pit or discolor the mountings.

2. Avoid wearing diamond jewelry while you’re doing a heavy household job. Although diamond is the hardest gemstone, yet it can be loosened by a certain activity and can also be chipped by a hard blow.

3. Try to store your diamond jewelry in dedicated jewel boxes wrapped in clean cotton or soft fabric clothes.

4. It is a good practice to get your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and checked for loose prongs for added safety of your precious gemstones.

Just follow these simple tips and restore the brilliant colors and sparkling shine of your diamond jewelry.


Diamond Jewelry – A Good Image of Eternal and Stylish Beauty

Diamond jewelry items are known for a long time as a image of unveiling the design, beauty and magnificence of the jewelry. Call of purchasing diamond jewelry for any occasion would be helpful for you from varied reasons. Buying of the items of such jewelry not only thought of as a worthwhile investment, however conjointly a smart and distinctive approach of show your love towards your dear. In order to present a gift to your sweetheart, you do not have to attend for any occasion; you can gift them with or while not occasion.

However, when one get the jewelry items of diamond on the eve of birthday, anniversary or any big day, then that moment turns into one among the memorable moments of life for him/her. It is a fact that no alternative means is better to specific your feelings and love than diamonds. And when one gets them as a present, he/she keeps them cherished for the lifetime. Having these pieces of jewelry also show your richness and make you centre of attraction wherever you go.

Beautiful and unique pieces of diamond can be studded into completely different costly metals like yellow or white gold, silver, platinum as per you requirement and preference. These pieces are nowadays not solely limited to wedding or engagement rings, however conjointly have expended to numerous other pieces. in alternative words, elegant earrings, eye-catching necklaces, magnificent bracelets, heart or cross pendants, diamond watches, etc are a few names of jewelry items that may easily be studded with diamond in the metal of your choice.

No doubt, as a result of the timeless and classic beauty, these all the aforesaid items have been hot favorite among both men and girls since their inception. But, a changing can be seen in the popularity of those jewelry items. Previously, they were only restricted to the elite class, but currently everybody from medium class families is capable to purchase them.

Another excuse of the growing popularity is that they are currently not solely obtainable in white colors, but conjointly in various colors. But, white diamond has been hot favorite. No doubt, diamond is the most popular gemstone of all, but before purchasing of this unique gemstone, you ought to keep the issue of 4C (Cut, clarity, carat and color) in mind, as a result of it plays a serious role while selecting the gorgeous and pricey little stone for jewelry items. This issue is vital as diamonds are scored and categorized consistent with it.


Shopping advice: Some aspects of getting a diamond

Purchase your diamond with real experience and together with your own view. It is extremely a silly call to choose a diamond when reading about it. Thus it might be additional proper to buy a diamond with real experience or a first hand experience. Study them initial and compare with different diamonds. The wonder of a diamond cannot be sufficiently captured in words. The sense of beauty defers from man to man. Therefore it is sensible to decide on consistent with your alternative your bride’s choice.

Comfort level is another thing to appear at while shopping. To make your searching a snug and pleasurable expertise the atmosphere of the store should be of excellent quality and thus the stock should match your desire and necessity. Invariably examine the diamond with the microscope not with a loupe. All the defects and short comings will be detected through the particular technology. So, understand exactly what you’re buying. You need to not deserve to be cheated by the merchant when buying. Build certain the sales consultant showing you the diamonds is a trained Gemologists or Diamontologist. A properly educated consultant can make your diamond looking straightforward and fun.

Conjointly build positive that the jeweler focuses on diamonds, not a part-timer claming specialty. In fact, there aren’t any half-time diamond specialists. You ought to purchase your diamond separately from the ring and then set that diamond on the ring. You may get larger diamond and additionally a smart value. The terribly much necessary things of a diamond are its color, clarity, carat weight and cut. Study these entire things previous you’re buying. Diamond shapes and certifications are needed to be learned. So doing a very little research on net is profitable and enough.

Choose a diamond that is graded in accordance with the GIA standards. And if you do that it might be the better choice of you as there would be no chance of deception in it buy diamonds having a first-hand experience. Take a glance at them first and compare with different diamonds. The sweetness of a diamond can not be sufficiently captured in words. Therefore, it’s silly to make a decision on a diamond only by reading regarding it. While buying a jewelry item from a jewelry shop you must be feeling snug and relax. All this stuff will make you’re getting and looking a quite pleasurable and singular experience.

If you hesitate whereas buying because the atmosphere of the search isn’t making you snug and relax to settle on you in keeping with your wish and alternative and therefore the staffs are not quite supporting then it would be good to return back out of the store and go to the opposite as you have no boundary or compulsion to buy your most dear issue diamond from any particular store. You can either obtain a diamond separately or obtain a diamond wedding ring compositely. In each the case you’ve got to seem at the comfort factor terribly carefully because it will be the foremost necessary thing. If you buy a diamond wedding ring then it might be higher to have a hoop in the scale of your beloved.


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